I am currently procrastinating. Sitting in a lab trying to get my head around C++. Well that was the plan but as it turns out all I've been doing is looking at guitar pedals, facebook and newgrounds; and that's when I thought about writing this post, not to procrastinate but to give you some interesting news.

I've been making music on my own for a while now but I haven't really done anything about it. Add that to the fact that I am the only one who really listens to the stuff I make so am completely biased and therefore (being as un-egotistical as I can) I love all of it (within reason). So, as you may have noticed I've started uploading stuff just ot get it out there and get an hoest opinion of my music. More stuff to be added every couple of days.


2008-05-05 16:59:00 by polysicness

Basically I wanna ask if anyone would like to produce a video for any of my songs [more to be uploaded soon by the way]. I don't really have any thing you do or don't have to put in it just do what you feel. Get in touch if you're interested.

A Question and A Present.

2008-04-24 20:50:35 by polysicness

In my last post i mentioned my myspace page and what i had on it, and due to this i got a comment basically saying i should try other websites to host my music. In a perfect world I'd have my own website but I don't, so there's not much I can do about that. Anyway, can anyone give me some examples of websites to host my music.

Also I'll be uploading a song today.


2008-04-22 07:50:20 by polysicness

Just thought I'd let you know that a more complete version is up on my myspace page [www.myspace.com/iamthepolysicness]. The dfferences are small but listen to it all and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Also there's a really awesome remix of the song by MusSck, check him out.

Oh and some reviews of my song would be nice too.

So thats what the inside looks like... it's drier than I'd expected...

2008-03-16 20:01:26 by polysicness

I have just uploaded my first piece of music to the site. Awesome. I'm just awaiting approval or something. It must be done i suppose; for all you know my music could be some form of evil propaganda set forth be modern neo nazis to help with their plot to bring Hitler back to life. Although as we all know theres no chance of that happening in the next year; after that, who can say... I hope you like the song, when it finally gets uploaded.